Staff Terms

Our terms and conditions for promoters


These terms & conditions will apply to every assignment that "You" (the Freelance Promoter) represent Tri Motion Project Management CC ("the Agency"), Registration Number 2007 / 149064 / 23.

1. Compensation

You will compensate the Agency of all claims, charges, expenses or losses, incurred as a result of any negligible act you may cause. This is to include the cancellation, without reasonable cause of a booking, which has been confirmed either verbally or in writing by the Agency. You consent to any such claims being deducted from monies due from the Agency to yourself.

2. Payment

2.1 You must upload your invoice on the day you complete the assignment. If your bank details change, it is your responsibility to edit them on your invoice, we will not be responsible should funds be transferred into the incorrect bank account.

2.2 The Agency will pay you for the hours worked on the LAST day of the month in which the work was carried out, unless an alternative payment date has been stipulated on your contract. Please allow 48 hours for clearance. We will only release funds once the amount has received by the client.

2.3 We charge our client by the hour. If we book you for 8 hours and the client decides on the day they only need you for 6 hours, then you will be paid for 6 hours. The same applies if you are booked for a full day to leaflet, and you distribute all your stock in less time, then you will be paid for the actual hours worked.

2.4 Advance payments – If you need your money earlier than the agreed payment date, you may request an Advance payment. Tri Motion deducts 15% for advance payments, and is at the agencies discretion. The advance can only be on the FULL amount we owe you.

2.5 Expenses will only be paid if agreed with Tri Motion upfront and in writing (receipts will need to be emailed to the day you upload your invoice)

2.6 If you walk out on a job for any reason (no stock, uniform etc) and do not get approval from someone within the agency before leaving, you will be in breach of your agreement and will not be paid.

2.7 Work ALL the shifts you have been booked on. If you accept the Contract and you later drop out, you may be penalised if you do not provide a doctors note or death certificate.

3. Uniforms, stock and promotional material

Uniforms, stock and promotional material issued to you shall be returned in the same condition and within 5 days upon the completion of the assignment. Failure to return these items may result in deductions being made from your payment and performance bonus.

4. Sickness, death or unforeseen circumstances.

If you are unable to commence/complete an Assignment on the specified date and time, you must inform the Agency immediately to enable arrangements to be made for another suitable person to perform the services. You will need to provide the Agency with a doctor's note if you call in sick less than 12 hours before the activity, or you may be penalised. If you experience a death in the family, a Death Certificate will be required.

5. Performance

If the Agency is not satisfied with your performance or reliability the Agency may terminate your employment, whereupon the Agency will not be liable to pay you for the remaining period of the assignment. You will only be paid for the hours worked.

6. Self Employment

The Agency only recruits promoters on a self-employed basis. It is your responsibility to register with SARS as self employed and you will need to invoice us. We only accept one form of invoice, that being an electronic version through Simply login, click on My Bookings and click on submit an invoice. You will need to have accepted the booking before doing so. You can download your payslip for each job.

7. Approaching the agencies clients

You will not at any time during any Assignment nor for 12 months thereafter directly or indirectly interfere with, solicit or entice any of the Agencies Clients or persons with whom we were in consultation. In the event of you being in breach of this clause, the Agency will be entitled to recover from you any fees which the Agency would have been paid by the client had the employment by the Agency's client been arranged by the Agency. You must immediately notify the Agency of any direct offer of employment by a client of the Agency for whom you have carried out an assignment.

8. Termination by an employee

You are required to give 48 hours notice should you wish to terminate your employment before the start date of the assignment, if you do not provide the agency with 48 hrs notice you will be liable for any expenses incurred as a result of such termination and such expenses may be deducted from any monies owing to you by the Agency.

9. Personal Data

To the extent permissible by law, you hereby consent to the processing of your personal data by us for the purposes of our website and database.

10. Breaks

Promoters are entitled to a 30 minute break for every 5 hours worked, at times to be determined between the Client and Promoter on good faith.

11. Liability whilst representing the Agency

Accommodation: Should the Agency require you to work over night, you will be provided with accommodation at the expense of the Agency. Within your wage you will have an amount to cover subsistence costs for a light meal. Any additional expenses (such as mini bar, phone bills, internet, meal or bar expenses) will be at your expense, unless agreed in writing by the Agency before. Should such expenditure occur, the Agency has the right to deduct this from your final wage.

Car hire: Should the Agency require you to be a driver for an event, you will provided with a hired vehicle. This vehicle will be your responsibility through out the event and you will be expected to return the vehicle in the same condition as you collected it. Any additional refueling costs, cleaning or damages will be at your expense. In the unlikely event that you damage the vehicle you will also forfeit your drivers bonus of R1000 which is built into your wage. (not an additional amount)

Should you hire a vehicle on the agencies behalf, the agency shall reimburse you for the car hire and fuel costs. However you will be fully responsible for refueling, cleaning and damages, as the car hire will be in your personal name.

12. Indemnity

You assume the risks for any injuries that you may sustain in connection with your participation during a promotion and you hereby fully release and forever discharge the Agency and their respective owners, clients and employees from any claims, damages, actions, suits, or judgments resulting from their negligence or other causes that may result from any injury or death that the undersigned may sustain while participating in the promotion and thereby indemnifies and holds harmless the Agency from any injury or death so sustained. You accept any and all risk of injury or death arising out of or related to the promotion by accepting these terms.




When searching for promoters we send out a Job Alert via email. Having read the Job Alert, if you wish to work, don’t call or email us, simply click the button ''I AM FREE TO WORK'' at the button of the email.


You will know you are booked for a promotion when you receive a contract from us via email, as well as an SMS notification. You no longer need to login, you can simply accept the contract by clicking the button at the bottom of the email, or if you want you can still login to and accept the contract online. Important: If you don’t accept the contract timorously, we will need to replace you.

CHECKING IN - Each day you work, you are required to check-in at the start of your shift, so we know you are there. Otherwise you forfeit R50!

Here are the steps to follow:

1) Access
2) You will see the clients name and today’s date
3) Simply click the blue Check-in button

Your check-in status will automatically be recorded on our website. We would prefer you to check-in this way, and NOT via SMS or email in future.

INVOICES - After the promotion you must login to and upload your invoice (On the invoice you can add your bank details. You only need to do this once, as the system saves your bank details.)
You can do this by logging into your account on, clicking My Bookings and uploading an invoice.
(Important: You need to first accept the job, before you can upload your invoice)

Do’s and Don’ts whilst representing the agency.

Do: Check in with us once you arrive at the promotion, so we can acknowledge that you are present.
Do: Ensure that you are well dressed and presentable at all times. 
Do: Ensure that all promotional clothing, permits and stock are returned to the client after your shift.

Don't: Use mobile phones whilst working.
Don't: Wear any heavy makeup or excessive jewellery
Don't: Smoke whilst on duty.
Don't: Drink or eat whilst on duty
Don't: Leave the job early, without approval from the agency.
Don’t: Disrespect the client in anyway.

** These Don'ts may incur a penalty if breached.