Frequently Asked Questions

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Some of your Questions:

Q. How do I join Tri Motion?

We only select the best! Simply being gorgeous is not enough! Let us get to know you by uploading your experience, photos, cv and even a YouTube clip. If you feel you have what it takes, then take the time to register now

Q. Is there a fee to register as a promoter?

It is FREE to register. You can jump the approvals queue by paying R100, but its not compulsory.

Q. What is a Job Alert?

When searching for promoters we send out a Job Alert via email. Having read the Job Alert, if you wish to work, don’t call or email us, simply click the button ''I AM FREE TO WORK'' at the button of the email.

Q. How do I apply for jobs?

Login to your profile and check the Job Board for vacancies. You can apply for jobs you like. We will be notified of your availability and we will contact you if your profile matches the clients brief.

If you’re not getting booked, contact us and we will look into this for you.

Q. How do I know if I am confirmed for a promotion job?

You will know you are booked for a promotion when you receive a contract from us via email, as well as an SMS notification. You can simply accept the contract by clicking the button at the bottom of the email, or if you want you can still login to and accept the contract online. Important: If you don’t accept the contract timorously, we will need to replace you.

Q. What if I cant work a shift?

If you have any problems with your shift, you must contact us immediately on 0861 272 774.

Q. How do I check in for a shift I’m booked for?

Each day you work, you are required to check-in at the start of your shift, so we know you are there. Otherwise you forfeit R50!

Your check-in status will automatically be recorded on our website. We would prefer you to check-in this way, and NOT via SMS or email.

Here are the steps to follow:

1) Access
2) You will see the clients name and today’s date
3) Simply click the blue Check-in button

Q. When do I get paid?

You will be paid on the last working day of the month in which you worked.

Q. How do you pay me?

After the promotion you must login to and upload your invoice (On the invoice you can add your bank details. You only need to do this once, as the system saves your bank details.) You can do this by logging into your account, clicking PAYROLL and uploading an invoice.
(Important: You need to first accept the job, before you can upload your invoice)